Resono platform

The Resono platform offers an extensive set of sophisticated options to create contextually aware campaigns using beacon technology. It adds a new dimension of relevant functions to any new or existing iOS or Android app allowing for exciting new possibilities like proximity marketing, remarketing, retargeting and even clienteling and dynamic signage. Using user friendly visual interfaces anyone can create sophisticated campaigns without having to learn a line of code.



After implementation you can leave the campaign management to others. Using visual drag-and-drop tools anyone can develop and run a beacon campaign without knowing or having to change a line of code.

Beacon technology is complex, getting great support shouldn’t be. The Resono platform is backed by an awesome support team who are support any process from  implementing the SDK to beacon management to understanding analytics.



Integrating beacon technology in any new or existing app is made easy using the Resono SDK’s. Available for iOS and Android native platforms as well as for Xamarin and Appcelerator beacon technology can be integrated in a snap.

The Resono plugin repository enables anyone to develop solutions right on top of the platform. Connect the proximity-based ecosystem directly into any app with customized plugins and solutions.

Get started

Request a developers account to get started with the Resono platform. It will give you access to documentation, SDK’s, BAPI and the full featured platform to integrate Resono technology in your new or existing app. Complete the form below to request a free developers account.

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